About the Purchasing Process

Benefits of Using Lynx Purchasing:

  • We make the process simple, quick and easy
  • Tell us about your business and  plans going forward, so we understand how we can help
  • We audit your current buying needs and suppliers and match them with our own agreed pricing on a like-for-like product basis
  • 90% of potential customers we audit go on to use some of our negotiated prices 
  • You make significant savings buying the same quality of products in the same way as  always
  • Our service is absolutely FREE
  • There is no contract to sign, no management fee and no tie-in to Lynx – that’s how confident we are.
  • We constantly check  market prices – keeping tab on costs in a market where prices change quickly and frequently
  • Nothing changes in the way you buy – but the bottom line improves.


What else Lynx Purchasing do

If you buy from a national wholesaler, we will check the deal you’re getting is at as competitive a price as it can be. We can also get you the best prices on leading branded food and drink, using our extensive buying power.

If local food producers are important to you or you want to buy from regional suppliers, we can also make your budget go as far as possible. We’ll research the best local food distributors and wholesalers and put you in touch with them.

If there’s something missing from your menu or an ingredient your chef wants to cook with, give us a call and ask about our procurement service. We can track down niche and artisan food and drink suppliers as well as specific foodservice products. And if we can’t find it ourselves, we’ll know someone who can.

We can come up with clever cost saving initiatives like switching brands or moving to alternative suppliers, enabling you to cut your costs but not your quality.

Our extensive market knowledge means we can give you an accurate snapshot of the market at any time to help you plan ahead and manage your costs. We’re constantly looking at costs and analysing invoices, so you can be sure you’re buying very competitively if you’re working with us.


Frequently Asked Questions

There isn't any small print when you work with us, but just in case you do have any questions, here are a few we’ve answered for you.

1. Do I have to pay any joining or membership fee?

No. You can take advantage of our very competitive pricing without any charge.

2. So I keep all the money I save?

Yes. All of it!

3. If I don't pay, how do Lynx Purchasing make money?

We are paid a small rebate by our suppliers.

4. What about contracts and agreements?

We have no contracts with our customers, and you are never obliged to buy form any supplier.

5. So how does it work?

You continue to place your order directly with the supplier – and pay them as before. The exclusive prices are picked up using the Lynx group account number when you buy through our recommended suppliers.

6. Do all Lynx Purchasing suppliers conform with current legislation?

We expect all our suppliers to meet the very highest standards regarding safety, legality, quality and transportation of your products.