Care Homes Suppliers

Good housekeeping is something every care home provider is conscious of, along with providing a nutritionally balanced menu and a comfortable home environment. Finding the right food and cleaning & hygiene suppliers is an essential step for effective care home management.

Contact Lynx Purchasing & see how much you can save

Whether you run a single home or a group, we can help manage your costs. That means using Lynx Purchasing’s extensive experience to look at every aspect of your business. We’ll help you organise your spending so you can buy across your business or for single outlets.

We’ll provide quarterly statistics on what you purchase so you can analyse what’s in your shopping basket. And because we track prices right across the market, we can build price stability into what you buy by negotiating costs for a fixed time, so you can plan confidently.

If you need help with menu planning or a nutritionist to tailor your menu for special diets, we can put you in touch with specialists. Similarly if you want to set up a new facility for your business, like an in-house laundry, we can recommend the right people to make it happen.

Our approach is to work with you, understanding your business and identifying suppliers that make your budget work harder. We find the best products from leading suppliers and help you get the best value possible.