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Update on Horse Meat Scandal & Future Meat Prices

February 19th, 2013

John Pinder, managing director of Lynx Purchasing, said: “Beef prices for caterers rose by about 8 per cent over the past year, and we were forecasting a more stable period over the first half of 2013 before the crisis over contamination of processed beef products became apparent. Without prejudging the outcome of any investigation, for the most part UK meat producers operate under some of the most stringent quality standards of any EU country, and reputable suppliers are now seeing increased demand for their products.

“Restaurant and pub operators, as well as their customers, will now be looking for meat from suppliers with short, transparent supply chains. That is likely to push up demand, and therefore the cost, of good quality beef trim and offcuts which can be used to make burgers, pies and mince for lasagnes and similar products, but equally if consumers lose trust in beef, demand  may move to other products such as pork, poultry or even fish, increasing prices in those areas.

“Prices from meat suppliers are likely to be very fluid over the coming weeks, and caterers will need to keep a close eye on what they are being charged. We at Lynx only work with reputable, fully accredited suppliers who can guarantee total traceability and transparency of their supply chain, and we are working closely with them to ensure that any price increases for our customers are justified, and kept to the minimum. ”  

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John Pinder
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John Pinder