Lynx GP Calculator

If you’re running a catering operation, knowing your food Gross Profit (GP) is essential. GP Calculator is an easy way to instantly calculate GP, designed to help those in restaurants, pubs, hotels and cafes. GP Calculator can be used to calculate the GP on dishes already on your menu or to calculate the selling price you need in order to meet a target GP. All you need is your ingredient costs and your current selling price or target GP. GP Calculator will do the rest for you.


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App Features

Our FREE to download GP Calculator App helps you plan costs and manage margins.

Menu Price

Key in your menu price and % GP to get the target cost price for ingredients.

Cost Price

Key in the cost of ingredients and target % GP to get the price to charge on the menu.

Gross Profit

Key in the cost of ingredients and menu price to keep tabs on your GP.

Calculate New Prices

Use the App’s features to plan new menus and specials with confidence.

``True time saver for the modern chef!! Wonderfully simple to use. Input cost, VAT and GP required to get menu price.``

Matt Cox

App user