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Peach Pub Company"Lynx fully understand Peach's requirements from suppliers, especially with quality and service - they have taken away all the hassle of negotiating with suppliers."Lee Cash, Co-founder, Peach Pub Company

Benefits of Using Lynx Purchasing:

  • We audit your current product needs and the suppliers you buy from
  • We recommend new suppliers or, if needed, renegotiate with existing suppliers
  • You make significant savings buying the same products in the same way as you always have done.
  • You pay your suppliers directly, but take advantage of Lynx negotiated prices. The service is absolutely FREE.
  • You have no contract to sign and no tie-in to Lynx, but can still take advantage of the low prices.
  • You continue to save because we keep a constant check on market prices – keeping tab on costs in a market where prices change quickly and frequently.
  • Nothing changes in the way you do your buying but the price!

Restaurants, Bars and Cafés

If provenance is key and your guests want to eat nothing but freedom food, organic and free-range, we can find the ethical producers and growers to help you serve the good stuff. That usually means literally going out into the field in our wellies to track down the right bar, cafe, and restaurant suppliers whose produce fits the bill.

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If you’re focusing on serving up good wholesome food or want to make sure your guests get the best value for money and still clear their plates, we can link you up with the right restaurant suppliers whose food and drink fits the bill. Fresh, frozen, ambient, or chilled, pre-prepared or from scratch – we scrutinise the lot and bring you the best products to enhance your menu and your GP.

And if you need a hand with portion control or monitoring costs, we can supply monthly figures for each outlet you run as well as for your business as a whole, so you can check usage of the products you usually see and those you don’t.

Lynx Purchasing will take away all the hassel of dealing with food suppliers and wholesalers so you can focus on running your kitchen or restaurant.

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