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Benefits of Using Lynx Purchasing:

  • We audit your current product needs and the suppliers you buy from
  • We recommend new suppliers or, if needed, renegotiate with existing suppliers
  • You make significant savings buying the same products in the same way as you always have done.
  • You pay your suppliers directly, but take advantage of Lynx negotiated prices. The service is absolutely FREE.
  • You have no contract to sign and no tie-in to Lynx, but can still take advantage of the low prices.
  • You continue to save because we keep a constant check on market prices – keeping tab on costs in a market where prices change quickly and frequently.
  • Nothing changes in the way you do your buying but the price!

Business & School Food Suppliers

Keeping young customers well fed and watered is a challenge at the best of times, but more so if there are the added factors of cost and convenience to think about too.

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Finding the best business and school food suppliers

Happily, we can help educational caterers come up with innovative menus that are nutritionally as well as financially sound by getting to the heart of any catering operation. We’ll work in partnership with you to help you source quality food and drink products from trusted school suppliers who are as concerned with things like provenance, traceability and value for money as you are.

For you, that means peace of mind in knowing where the food comes from, that it’s school product compliant and hasn’t racked up unnecessary food miles. For your kitchen it also means convenience and consistency, both in price and in quality, with the benefit of strong buying power, whether you run a single or multiple sites.

Being able to buy better and take advantage of a bigger deal is a plus point for any business, not least in today’s economic climate. There’s strength in numbers and at Lynx Purchasing. We can give you access to prices and discounts you might not otherwise get by going alone.

Work with us and find great prices from school suppliers who provide everything you need, from stationery and office equipment to vending and cleaning products. As well as national deals, we can also negotiate great regional ones too, bringing complete flexibility, with no commitment and no contract to tie you in – you’re in control at all times.

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"With the help of Lynx Purchasing we can add value to your business and will improve your purchasing, so you can take full advantage of potential profit straightaway."  
John Pinder
Managing Director,
Lynx Purchasing
John Pinder