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Pride of Britain Hotels"Lynx Purchasing have made substantial savings for many members around the country. And they are amongst the most demanding of hoteliers where quality is concerned"Peter Hancock, Chief Executive, Pride of Britain Hotels

Benefits of Using Lynx Purchasing:

  • We audit your current product needs and the suppliers you buy from
  • We recommend new suppliers or, if needed, renegotiate with existing suppliers
  • You make significant savings buying the same products in the same way as you always have done.
  • You pay your suppliers directly, but take advantage of Lynx negotiated prices. The service is absolutely FREE.
  • You have no contract to sign and no tie-in to Lynx, but can still take advantage of the low prices.
  • You continue to save because we keep a constant check on market prices – keeping tab on costs in a market where prices change quickly and frequently.
  • Nothing changes in the way you do your buying but the price!

Hotel Supplies

Every hotel business is different, but the demands they face are similar. You need to meet your customers’ aspirations of quality and value, while sourcing from hotel suppliers at prices that match your budget and preserve your margins. Lynx Purchasing matches the right hotel suppliers to the needs of every style and size of hotel operation.

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Finding the Best Hotel Suppliers

When you run a hotel, quality is all important. Front of house is where guests really notice it, whether it’s the finest Egyptian cotton sheets to sleep on, the best organic preserves for breakfast or the finest leaf tea in their cup. Back of house, quality may mean something different. You may not need the biggest brands, but the hotel supplies and products you buy still have to deliver value and meet customer expectations.

Every hotel has to work hard to stay competitive, and we can help you buy the quality you need, both front and back-of-house, at prices that will help you stay in control of your costs.  We can source the best hotel supplies at the right price, from the bacon and eggs on your breakfast menu to the tea and biscuits on your hospitality trays.

Our approach is to work with you, understanding your business and identifying hotel supplies and money saving options that make your budget work harder. We will find the right supplies from the right suppliers and help you get the best deals possible, ensuring your guests get the value they demand.

Let us talk to you about your hotel purchasing, and we’ll come up with the buying solutions and hotel suppliers to match your needs. 


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