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Our Suppliers

We work with a vast different number of suppliers so we’re pretty confident of being able to find the right ones for your hospitality and catering business. We cover everything, from food and drink to catering equipment and back office supplies.

We’ve worked hard to find some really good suppliers who we know and trust, to give you the best quality products and the best service, along with the fairest deals.

You only trade with them if they’re right for your business, though; they need to show you where they can add value and make it work – we know how important it is to see eye to eye with your suppliers.

And because we’re not tied to any one supplier in a single area, we really can offer you the widest choice of people to work with.

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If you’re a supplier and you’d like to work with us, just get in touch. We’re always looking for more great suppliers to do business with and make our customers’ lives easier. Email rachel@lynxpurchasing.co.uk for more information.