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Lynx Purchasing are a team of experienced buying experts who help the hospitality and catering businesses buy better, manage costs and improve profitability.

What we do

We get to know your business inside out, by looking at where and how you operate, who your customers are and what your offer is. We also find out about your vision – what you want to achieve and where you want to be.

We look at the suppliers you’re already working with, to check you’re getting the best from them. It may be that the price you’re paying is fair – we can quickly let you know because we constantly check market prices - and you simply carry on trading as before.

The next step is a completely free audit of all your purchases to find out if you’re buying as well as you could be, or if we can get more competitive prices for you. It could be that you’re buying the same products from different suppliers too; we can help you organise your purchasing as well as finding new suppliers.

We’ll present you with a range of different suppliers you can then pick from. We cover everything from fresh, frozen and grocery food to soft and alcoholic drinks, glassware, crockery and cleaning products, as well as catering equipment, laundry products, washroom services and stationery. We can also get the best prices on one-off and specialist items too.

It’s up to you which suppliers you then work with – we’ll never insist you work with any ‘approved suppliers’ or tie you into a contract. We simply try to match suppliers whose products and services could be a good fit for your business.

You trade directly with the suppliers – we just link you up and support you as you go. It’s a great way of finding new relationships that develop your business and enhance your bottom line.

Our service is totally flexible and completely free to you. We get paid by the suppliers you choose to work with, who give us a small rebate. Simple and straightforward yet tailored to your business.

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"Dealing with Lynx Purchasing is so simple and it will quickly benefit your company's bottom line. Just follow the simple steps to start saving!"  
Howard Pearson
Lynx Purchasing
Howard Pearson