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Benefits of Using Lynx Purchasing:

  • We audit your current product needs and the suppliers you buy from
  • We recommend new suppliers or, if needed, renegotiate with existing suppliers
  • You make significant savings buying the same products in the same way as you always have done.
  • You pay your suppliers directly, but take advantage of Lynx negotiated prices. The service is absolutely FREE.
  • You have no contract to sign and no tie-in to Lynx, but can still take advantage of the low prices.
  • You continue to save because we keep a constant check on market prices – keeping tab on costs in a market where prices change quickly and frequently.
  • Nothing changes in the way you do your buying but the price!

About us

At Lynx Purchasing we get involved with your business and help you become more profitable. Think of us as an extension to your team – the buyer you haven’t got, matched with the time you can’t always spare and the contacts you might not have– to find the right suppliers for your business.

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When you work with Lynx you get to talk to the people at the top - people who work at high level with the right suppliers to get to the decision maker quickly. That gives you access to the best possible deals which we’ve negotiated with those suppliers.

We’ve all worked in food and hospitality and so we understand our customers’ businesses as well as the supply side. When we sit down with you to find out about your business, we know the right questions to ask and can quickly recommend the right suppliers to help you.

And once we’ve matched you to those suppliers, we carry on helping you control your costs by analysing your spend on a regular basis and providing you with at a glance details of where the money’s been spent. That’s a very powerful way help manage your business better.

We also keep on top of changing prices and negotiate longer-term deals, making it easier for you to plan ahead and adjust your offer – a real benefit in uncertain times or when costs are rising.

Using our buying power, you can save thousands, and our service is free. Talk to our buying experts today and see where you can save and make your business more profitable.

Simple steps to start saving...

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  • 2We analyse using
    our contract prices
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    savings to you!
"With the help of Lynx Purchasing we can add value to your business and will improve your purchasing, so you can take full advantage of potential profit straightaway."  
John Pinder
Managing Director,
Lynx Purchasing
John Pinder