Lynx joins Sustainable Seafood Coalition

Lynx Purchasing has become the first purchasing company to join the Sustainable Seafood Coalition (SSC) to help the hospitality industry buy more sustainably sourced fish. From 2019, Lynx Purchasing will only recommend seafood and fish from sustainable sources to customers.

Rachel Dobson, managing director of Lynx Purchasing, said: “Almost three-quarters of all seafood sold through supermarkets in the UK comes from retailers who are SSC members, yet only a small percentage of foodservice companies or caterers have made this commitment and it’s something that Lynx Purchasing is determined to lead a change in.”

A partnership of more than 40 leading UK businesses, SSC is committed to ensuring all fish and seafood sold in the UK comes from sustainable sources. To ensure a healthy future for our oceans, SCC members agree to abide by a code of conduct on responsible sourcing and labelling. Members include leading supermarkets such as Sainsbury’s and Morrisons, and
brands such as M&S, Fullers, Youngs and Whitby Seafood.

The hospitality and foodservice sector accounts for around a third of all seafood volume consumed in the UK, and this massive purchasing power gives it enormous influence. Occupying a unique position at the centre of the supply chain, Lynx Purchasing can have a positive impact on both suppliers and operators to ‘do the right thing’ and sell, buy and serve only sustainably sourced seafood.

Changes in legislation, including the ban on single use plastics such as straws and stirrers due to be implemented by next year, and planned changes to packaging regulations affecting mixed use plastics, will have a profound impact on the industry.

“It’s now clear that sustainability is a crucial long-term challenge for the catering and hospitality sector. We want to help our customers see how a more ethical and sustainable approach to all purchasing including seafood can keep both quality and margins high – as well as increase consumer loyalty,” said Rachel Dobson.

Lynx has launched a company-wide sustainability programme that includes best practices to improve the industry’s green credentials. “There are so many things that operators can do to lessen our sector’s environmental impact from efficient ordering, well-planned delivery schedules to ethical sourcing and reducing waste.

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