As seen on TV! Lynx Purchasing GP App appears on ‘Restaurant Rescue’

The Lynx Purchasing GP Calculator App has made a high profile TV appearance on Channel 5’s Peyton & Polizzi’s Restaurant Rescue.

The free-to-download App from buying specialists Lynx was shown being used to cost dishes at Italian restaurant Riobello in Bedford. The programme features restaurateur Oliver Peyton and hotelier Alex Polizzi as troubleshooters for struggling restaurant businesses.

Riobello’s owners Giovanni and Amanda Orlandi were shown using the GP Calculator App on a smartphone to check their ingredient costs and target GP in order to set profitable menu prices. The programme ended with a successful relaunch evening at the restaurant.

Rachel Dobson, Lynx Purchasing managing director, said, “It was great to see Giovanni and Amanda using our App to manage their menu costs.

“We won’t be letting stardom go to the App’s head, though! It’s going straight back to work, helping the thousands of chefs and restaurant managers who rely on the App to manage their margins and keep their menus profitable.”

The Lynx Purchasing GP Calculator App is FREE to download for Apple and Android and allows users to manage their menu costs using one of three calculations:

  • By keying in the cost of ingredients and target percentage GP, users are given the correct price to charge on the menu;
  • Entering the menu price and required margin gives the target cost price for ingredients;
  • Keying in the cost of ingredients and selling price of a dish gives a readout of the gross profit being made.

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