COVID-19 Help and Support

Coming out of lockdown is presenting a new set of challenges for the hospitality industry. To help you overcome these as quickly as possible, the team at Lynx Purchasing has been working with suppliers to help you navigate a profitable course through this new operating landscape.

Here’s how we can help you.

Managing operational changes

To re-open safely and operate within the new guidelines, all hospitality businesses will need to make operational changes. We can help you plan and prepare with products you can trust, fair pricing and timely deliveries.

We can offer you practical advice and support on:

  • New products required such as signage, screens, sanitiser stations, PPE
  • Help with ordering and delivery – demand for certain items is high
  • Lead time planning – so you can open when you plan to
  • Access to products you can trust – avoiding the scammers
  • Access to fair pricing – avoiding the profiteers
  • Help with credit terms, deposits and upfront payment terms from certain suppliers
  • Creating a sustainable takeaway and delivery service – for food and drink
  • Sourcing and purchasing safe packaging 
  • Managing product availability, supplies and prices
  • Menus for staff shortages

Positioning for fast recovery

Making sure your business is best placed to get back on its feet fast and ready for action is important. Our expertise and long relationships with suppliers mean we can support you during planning and re-opening – and help you rebuild your business profitably.

We can help you with: 

  • Ideas, supplier access and support with setting up new service options – from room service to deliveries
  • Negotiate new contracts – cleaning chemicals and service suppliers
  • Product and range availability; fair and stable pricing
  • Supplier term changes such as delivery schedules, lead times and minimum order values
  • Changes to credit arrangements and terms
  • Audit your purchasing – remotely – to get you the best quality and price
  • Help you develop menus with better margins
  • Review contracts and back of house spend
  • Sourcing and purchasing from fresh ingredients to furnishings

Our business has been built on developing, maintaining and growing relationships with our customers and suppliers – and we’re not stopping now.

So please, stay in touch and tell us what you need…

Contact or call 01325 710143