When we do the right thing, others follow.

We are in a unique position.

Because we work so closely with both our customers and our trusted suppliers, we know we can be a powerful and positive influence for change.

Through our own actions, and the partners we choose to work with, we can encourage our customers and our suppliers to operate more sustainably.

Here’s how we try to do this, every day:

By building open, honest and mutually beneficial partnerships with our suppliers and our purchasing customers.

By demanding only the highest standards of animal welfare and environmental stewardship from our suppliers, backed by tough independent accreditation.

By helping our customers order more efficiently, cut waste, and run more cost-effective businesses of their own.

By ensuring that delivery schedules match needs and cutting down on unnecessary drops to reduce service costs and our industry’s carbon footprint.

These are not things that we say we will do, and then forget about. For us, and our partners, these are commitments that never end. We believe there is always time to do the right thing.

Our Partners