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The Lynx Test Run is easy. There are no fees or contracts and we operate a completely open and transparent service. First, we ask you to pick a category. Businesses can start small – they might choose cleaning products for instance. Or waste management.

Then, we’ll look at your budget and see who your current suppliers are. Our goal is to get you the right products from the right suppliers. We negotiate on your behalf and always get the best prices.

It’s up to us to deliver. And we do.

Often, the savings are instant. This gives you the confidence to try a different category. This could be anything from fresh produce to utilities.

Rockliffe Hall Hotel tried the Lynx Test Run and it saved them money.
Read the case study, here.

Why not book your Lynx Test Run today?

You’ve nothing to lose and everything to gain.

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Our Sectors

With experience and expertise in the hotel, restaurant, cafe, pub, bar and care home sectors, Lynx understands the different competitive environments and unique challenges faced by each.

Our Purchasing Partners

Our industry partners include wholesalers, specialist fresh food suppliers, catering equipment providers, utilities and specialist service providers such as telecoms and waste management.