Mas Q Menos

Lynx Purchasing supports expanding tapas group

Expanding London tapas restaurant group Mas Q Menos buys ambient, chilled and frozen food, as well as cleaning chemicals, from suppliers nominated by Lynx Purchasing. Kelvin Terblanche, director of operations, says: “I asked Lynx to look at a couple of areas where I wasn’t especially happy with our existing suppliers. Matt at Lynx has done a good job; he’s easily contactable and jumps right on things when I need him to.

“We were expanding our menu and looking for a better service in areas such as delivery, as well as a cost saving. Lynx took what could have been a big and complex project, in terms of both matching like-for-like products and identifying new products, and greased the wheels for us.

“I’ve worked for larger companies  where you have a procurement team in house, and much smaller ones where you have to find the suppliers and put all the contracts together yourself. This has been my first experience of working with a purchasing consultant, and it’s the right way  to go. There’s no fee, so there’s no cost to us. Any savings that Lynx can make through their relationship with suppliers directly benefits us.”

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