By Lynx on 12th December 2018

No one operating a catering or foodservice business will need reminding that 2019 has some challenges in prospect when it comes to business planning. However, with so much focus on the potential for Brexit to cause disruption, operators should also to bear in mind that there are some quite fundamental changes underway at the sharpest […]

By Lynx on 26th October 2018

The news that restaurant delivery company Deliveroo is making major changes to the way allergen content is shown on the menus it displays should probably come as no surprise to operators. The issue moved back to the top of the news agenda during and after the inquest into the tragic death of student Natasha Ednan-Laperouse, […]

By Lynx on 10th September 2018

The UK’s energy regulator, Ofgem, announced recently that a trial aimed at making it much easier for consumers to switch energy suppliers in order to get the best tariff had been successful. It probably comes as no surprise that anything that makes it more straightforward to negotiate the multiple pricing structures on offer would be […]

By Lynx on 6th August 2018

Unless you’re starting a business from scratch today, or are lucky enough have such low staff turnover levels that everyone has been with you since day one, at some point new hands have to come into the business and pick up vital tasks such as purchasing and ordering. As soon as they ask “where do […]

By Lynx on 4th July 2018

The fifth habit: make Quality and Value count Whether it’s a politician pledging to lie down in front of the bulldozers, or a builder promising that they’ll be on your doorstep first thing on Monday morning, people don’t always do what they say. The same, sadly, is true of customers when eating out. Although, surveys […]

By Lynx on 1st June 2018

All money is equal when it leaves the bank account, whether it’s paying for a case of fine wine or a case of dishwasher tablets – and so it all deserves the same careful thought when it comes looking at the ways a catering and hospitality business can manage costs. The principle that ‘All budgets […]