By Lynx on 31st January 2018

How a business responds to challenging times is very often a better measure of its robustness than how it operates when things are going well. The first weeks of 2018 have shown, if anyone really needed more convincing, that the catering and hospitality sector is in for a bumpy ride this year. Several high profile […]

By Lynx on 1st November 2017

As the latest edition of our Market Forecast warns, the start of 2018 is likely to be a challenging trading period for many hospitality and catering businesses, with food & drinks inflation expected to continue to push up prices, and customer spending under pressure. That makes it all the more important to make the most […]

By Lynx on 19th July 2017

The British weather is nothing if not unpredictable, but it only takes a glimmer of sunshine to start people thinking about eating and drinking more often in pubs and restaurants making summer a real opportunity for licensees to maximise the extra sale opportunity. There’s good news this summer for chefs and operators who prefer to […]

By Lynx on 13th June 2017

National Barbecue Week at the start of June marks the official start of the UK’s barbecue season, but for many restaurants and pubs, the charcoal grill is increasingly a year-round part of their core offer. From a basic burger to Brazilian-style churrasco menus, consumers’ enjoyment of the theatre of food served straight from the grill […]

By Lynx on 28th April 2017

Spring is a time when many chefs look to increase the amount of fish and seafood served on the menus. It’s versatile, popular, and often perceived by customers as a healthier choice, as well as a lighter option when the weather is warmer. It also offers a point of difference for the eating out sector, […]

By Lynx on 4th April 2017

Whether it’s pies or parsnips, it’s hard to find a type of food that doesn’t have its own special festival somewhere on the calendar. While not all of them are of huge benefit to hospitality businesses, there are some that are definitely worth getting on board for – and that certainly includes Great British Beef […]