By Lynx on 26th April 2018

Few hospitality businesses would survive for long if they didn’t keep a very close eye on the money going into the till – or electronic payment device – front-of-house. Yet, it’s surprising how many pay little or no attention to what is coming into the business via the back door route, in terms of deliveries […]

By Lynx on 9th April 2018

We’re now a quarter of the way through 2018 and it’s clear that, for now at least, the market isn’t getting any easier for anyone. A new survey by accountancy group UHY Hacker Young shows that profits at the UK’s Top 100 restaurant groups have fallen 64 per cent in the past year, from £345m […]

By Lynx on 7th March 2018

The challenges facing the industry continue to mount. In the past week we’ve seen more brands announcing closures, with one casual dining brand planning to shutter 100 of its 300 outlets. A survey by accountancy group UHY Hacker Young estimates that one in three of the UK’s top 100 restaurant groups are trading  at a […]

By Lynx on 31st January 2018

How a business responds to challenging times is very often a better measure of its robustness than how it operates when things are going well. The first weeks of 2018 have shown, if anyone really needed more convincing, that the catering and hospitality sector is in for a bumpy ride this year. Several high profile […]

By Lynx on 1st November 2017

As the latest edition of our Market Forecast warns, the start of 2018 is likely to be a challenging trading period for many hospitality and catering businesses, with food & drinks inflation expected to continue to push up prices, and customer spending under pressure. That makes it all the more important to make the most […]

By Lynx on 19th July 2017

The British weather is nothing if not unpredictable, but it only takes a glimmer of sunshine to start people thinking about eating and drinking more often in pubs and restaurants making summer a real opportunity for licensees to maximise the extra sale opportunity. There’s good news this summer for chefs and operators who prefer to […]