By Lynx on 9th November 2016

As the peak Christmas trading season gets closer, it should come as no surprise to hospitality and catering businesses that price rises are on the way. The fall in the value of sterling in the wake of the referendum vote in favour of Brexit, against both the dollar and the euro, makes it inevitable that […]

By Lynx on 13th October 2016

Health Secretary Jeremy Hunt has called on foodservice operators to make their desserts smaller and/or less sweet, as part of the government’s ongoing anti-obesity drive. One suggestion is that restaurants, pubs, bars and cafes could even be ‘named and shamed’ for their pudding policy on a new website. Understandably, the announcement has attracted plenty of […]

By Lynx on 2nd September 2016

Celebrity chef Gordon Ramsay is no stranger to expressing controversial views – in fact, it could be argued that his TV persona depends on him doing so. It should have been no surprise when earlier this year Ramsay responded “vegans” to a Twitter follower who asked if he had any allergies. Inevitably, a social media […]

By Lynx on 1st August 2016

A month on from the Referendum and the UK hospitality industry seems to be in a state of uncertainty.  We’ve seen some operators express fears about falling consumer confidence, others report no adverse impact on trade, while most seem to be keeping their heads down, reserving judgement for now and trying to maintain a ‘business […]

By Lynx on 29th June 2016

Whichever way individuals voted in the EU referendum and whatever they feel about the outcome, we can all agree that chefs and operators would be wise to start planning for some turbulent times ahead in terms of the price they pay for food, drink and many other essential goods and services. As we said in […]

By Lynx on 26th May 2016

Does coffee keep you awake? One group that seems to be having a few sleepless nights is the International Coffee Organisation, the trade body which links coffee growing and importing countries. The latest edition of our regular Market Forecast reports the ICO’s forecast of a 25% increase in global demand for coffee by 2020, which […]