By Lynx on 30th September 2015

How vegetarian-friendly is your pub or restaurant? Do you welcome non-carnivores with an imaginative menu of tasty meat-free dishes? Or do you view them as frankly a bit of nuisance and begrudgingly offer a cheese omelette on request?  If you’re not in the ‘pro’ camp, the chances are you’re already missing out on the sizeable […]

By Lynx on 20th July 2015

Restaurants, pubs and cafés have to work harder than ever to win and maintain customer loyalty. Whatever the time of day, unbolting the door and waiting to see if any customers find their way in is no longer a substitute for a genuine business plan. From Nespresso to Netflix, consumers have plenty of choice of […]

By Lynx on 1st June 2015

According to a recent survey by hospitality research specialists CGA Peach*, three-quarters of the UK population ate out at least once during May, compared to 57% ordering a take away meal to eat at home. This is of course good news for restaurants, bars and pubs as a further sign that consumers are feeling more […]

By Lynx on 21st April 2015

By John Pinder, managing director, Lynx Purchasing “According to a recent survey by guest experience experts Hospitality GEM, 86% of diners want to see more frequent menu changes, with two-thirds expecting pubs and restaurants to introduce new dishes at least once a quarter, in line with the change from one season to the next. “Change […]

By Lynx on 27th March 2015

There’s always plenty of buzz in the industry about how vibrant the London market is – busy pubs right through the week, long queues for restaurants and a seemingly endless choice of new flavours and food styles. So, in the interests of balance, it’s always great to see activity thriving outside the capital, and that […]

By Lynx on 12th November 2014

There hasn’t been a lot of good news for the food service sector over recent years, so the latest Eating Out-Look, from Horizons and JRA, brings welcome cheer.  According to the report, based on a survey of 300 hospitality operators, more than two-thirds of them saw revenues increase during 2014 compared to 2013.  Around one […]