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By Lynx
on 24th June 2019
The arrival of summer is the ideal time for hospitality and catering operators to give their business a thorough pre-Brexit buying check, urges buying specialist Lynx Purchasing. With so much still uncertain, including who will be leading both the country and the ongoing  Brexit negotiations, Lynx Purchasing is advising the industry that the abundance of […]
By Lynx
on 21st March 2019
Lynx Purchasing has become the first purchasing company to join the Sustainable Seafood Coalition (SSC) to help the hospitality industry buy more sustainably sourced fish. From 2019, Lynx Purchasing will only recommend seafood and fish from sustainable sources to customers. Rachel Dobson, managing director of Lynx Purchasing, said: “Almost three-quarters of all seafood sold through […]
By Lynx
on 18th October 2018
Hospitality and catering operators should take steps now to ‘Brexit-proof’ their businesses in advance of the UK’s exit from the EU, advises buying specialist Lynx Purchasing. With uncertainty still surrounding the details of Brexit, including both the supply chain implications and the availability of labour, the newly-published Autumn 2018 edition of the Lynx Purchasing Market […]
By Lynx
on 11th June 2018
The shortage of migrant labour facing UK farmers could hit both supplies and prices of seasonal fruit and vegetables this summer, warns buying specialist Lynx Purchasing. With growers struggling to recruit overseas workers, the newly-published Summer 2018 edition of the Lynx Purchasing Market Forecast urges hospitality and catering businesses to monitor supplier prices carefully as […]

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