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By Lynx
on 18th October 2018
Hospitality and catering operators should take steps now to ‘Brexit-proof’ their businesses in advance of the UK’s exit from the EU, advises buying specialist Lynx Purchasing. With uncertainty still surrounding the details of Brexit, including both the supply chain implications and the availability of labour, the newly-published Autumn 2018 edition of the Lynx Purchasing Market […]
By Lynx
on 11th June 2018
The shortage of migrant labour facing UK farmers could hit both supplies and prices of seasonal fruit and vegetables this summer, warns buying specialist Lynx Purchasing. With growers struggling to recruit overseas workers, the newly-published Summer 2018 edition of the Lynx Purchasing Market Forecast urges hospitality and catering businesses to monitor supplier prices carefully as […]
By Lynx
on 12th March 2018
With casual dining brands closing sites and scaling back expansion, well-run independent operators have an opportunity to take back market share, says buying specialist Lynx Purchasing. Operators who do their homework on the eating-out market, including implementing strong buying disciplines, can broaden their customer appeal, says Lynx Purchasing managing director Rachel Dobson.  “Since the start […]
By Lynx
on 8th February 2018
The Lynx Purchasing GP Calculator App has made a high profile TV appearance on Channel 5’s Peyton & Polizzi’s Restaurant Rescue. The free-to-download App from buying specialists Lynx was shown being used to cost dishes at Italian restaurant Riobello in Bedford. The programme features restaurateur Oliver Peyton and hotelier Alex Polizzi as troubleshooters for struggling […]

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