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By Lynx
on 9th March 2015
Beef will increasingly command a premium on menus as a global shortage drives up price, warns buying specialist Lynx Purchasing. Along with the prime cuts needed for steaks and Sunday roasts, the impact of higher beef prices is also affecting the offcuts and trim used in menu mainstays such as pies and burgers. With fewer […]
By Lynx
on 23rd February 2015
At the Casual Dining Show, buying specialist Lynx Purchasing is launching the 2015 edition of its Casual Dining Report, spotlighting the latest trends in the eating out market. The Casual Dining Report will be available free from the Lynx Purchasing stand to all visitors to the show, which is taking place at the┬áBusiness Design Centre […]
By Lynx
on 10th December 2014
Buying specialist Lynx Purchasing will launch the 2015 edition of its Casual Dining Report at the Casual Dining Show in February. Building on the success of the 2014 edition, the 2015 report will spotlight the latest trends in the eating out market, bringing together data from a wide range of sources to create a user-friendly, […]
By Lynx
on 8th October 2014
The boom in popularity of dishes such as pulled pork is moving the goalposts for operators when it comes to effective menu planning, buying specialist Lynx Purchasing is warning. The growing consumer appetite for US-style hot dogs and BBQ dishes such as ribs and pulled pork has largely flattened out the seasonal peaks and troughs […]

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