Our best ambassadors are our customers!

From boutique hotels to gastropubs and cafés to care homes, our buying experts work with a wide range of operators. Read comments from customers across the range of catering businesses we work with.
"Working with Lynx Purchasing not only saves me money - it helps me protect our margin, which is more important than ever in these challenging trading times. It also saves me personally a lot of time and hassle, so I can focus on growing the business."

Giles Fry

Managing Director, Snug Bars

"After 12 years of working together, Lynx Purchasing really are a part of PFS team. They go to great lengths to help us deliver the very best food we can to our residents, and we have total trust in them."

Maureen Sim

Operations Director, Pilgrim’s Friend Society

"The prices Lynx Purchasing negotiate with leading suppliers have enabled us to expand our range while growing our profit margins. Knowing Lynx Purchasing can put me in contact with leading suppliers across a wide range of product areas is reassuring as we diversify."

Louise Milligan

Director, Cafe M

"Lynx Purchasing have made substantial savings for many members around the country. And they are amongst the most demanding of hoteliers where quality is concerned"

Peter Hancock

Chief Executive, Pride of Britain Hotels

"The great thing about Lynx Purchasing is their knowledge and understanding of the Care Home sector. Using Lynx’s purchasing power has resulted in tangible benefits to our business."

Elaine Brewin

Purchasing Manager, B&M Care Homes

"Lynx Purchasing provides a service bespoke to our needs in order to deliver not only competitive pricing in the marketplace, but also the product and quality we aim for. I wholly trust them and their method of charging for their services is not only fair, but the best way for a growing business to have its own purchasing manager."

Hamish Stoddart

Co-founder, Peach Pubs

"Lynx has allowed us to rationalise our purchasing procedures. Not only have they been able to source the high quality specialist products that we require, they have managed to do it at a better price than we could find on our own. Having the pricing secured and the suppliers in place is a key step in our future growth, meaning we can focus our attention where needed."

Stewart Cumming

Head of Finance, Curry Leaf Cafe

“We get even better deals through Lynx than we could get ourselves, this saves us a fortune each year. Lynx are an essential part of Peach and integral to our on-going success.”

Hamish Stoddart

Founder, Peach Pub Company